Smart Connected Solutions

Smart Connected Solutions complementan su ecosistema de varios proveedores para conectar personas, datos y sistemas existentes para obtener resultados inteligentes.

  • Colaboración sin fronteras
  • Transferencia y visualización neutra del proveedor
  • Advanced analytics. 

Colaboración sin fronteras

  • How to connect people working on patient cases?

    Streamlining clinical collaboration with clinicians and patients can help you to:

    • Improve quality of care and patient service
    • Increase referral volume
    • Decrease turnaround times

Transferencia y visualización agnóstica del proveedor

  • How to connect systems across hospital networks ?

    Adopting a standards-based & vendor agnostic multi–ology
    archiving and viewing solution can help you to:

    • Improve care quality
    • Increase clinicians’ productivity
    • Decrease costs
    • Future proof your archiving

Algunos resultados que han logrado sus compañeros

  • 30% 
    time savings with vendor neutral sharing and visualisation2
  • Full picture 
    of the patient easily accessible at any time, from any place2
  • Reduction 
    in repeat test or scan requests saving time and money2
  • Enhanced 
    decision making for clinicians2

Análisis avanzado

  • How to transform data into actionable insights?

    Comprehensive analytics solutions can help you extract and interpret data to:

    • Identify and eliminate inefficiencies
    • Improve performance
    • Reduce costs.

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